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At Zisuz Labs, we focus on the following spaces to have maximum impact in the world. Environment, Fashion, Mesh.

An innovation that powered﹣Creation.

  1. ZLabs is an innovation hub that is powering the creation of new businesses across the world.
  2. At  Zisuz Labs, we focus on the following spaces to have maximum impact in the world. Energy, blockchain, environment, fashion, technology, health, publishing and 5G.
  3. We are working with world leading organizations and experts on problems which touches, everyones' daily lives.

Behind the scenes

We work with world leading organizations and experts on problems which everyone faces in their daily lives.

At ZLabs we bring innovation and creativity in sectors such as biotechnology, blockchain, space, aging and automation. Whether ongoing pandemic or natural disasters our solution has touched million lives in Australia, US and Asia.

Our team at Zisuz Labs support innovation in Research and Development with leading experts to bring solutions to market in record time. Whether easing pressure from Red Cross in Australian bushfires, ongoing pandemic or businesses getting disrupted, we are working together with WEF, NOVA and government agencies around the world to make this planet a better place.

The tales, truth and a life behind his laboratory

The main thing you'll want to know next is probably the story: Zisuz Labs. A science fiction and fantasy thriller available on Amazon.

Kasheeh works in a lab with Dr Brown, a retired surgeon in general. They are trying to figure a cure to the apocalypse faced by the world by mysterious deaths.
He is accompanied by a colleague Dr Flueres who succumbed to a viridae. He develops a romantic relationship with Dr Caroline. She meets him regularly in office and quarters. A military intelligence officer visits Kasheeh to ascertain certain facts in order to stop the apocalypse.
Dr Flueres husband is a rich businessman who pleads for her cause of illness. Kasheeh's financial budget is lying on Dr Eli’s table who holds authority over allocation. Dr Brown subverts his plan. Cumberbatch flies to Australia and the Philippines in search of origin from natural causes. He is killed by authorities in Australia. A senator’s brother Patrick is diagnosed with the viridae but he survives. This ends the climactic episode where Kasheeh discovers Patient Zero!

Paperback – Large Print, September 8, 2020

$7.49 only

by Caroline Mano (Author)

About the author

"Caroline works as Marketing Manager at ZLabs. She was previously the Head of Marketing at Iris. She's an expert in inbound marketing and lead generation. Caroline is also an author of dark, mystery thriller, Lunarover Salvation ” From: Caroline Mano. “Zisuz Labs.” Amazon Books and Kindle.