Zisuz Labs LLC took cognizance of ongoing pandemic --the COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic.

It is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

It was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in January 2020 and a pandemic in March 2020.

As of 27 December 2020, more than more than 1.75 million deaths attributed to COVID-19 and many other things related to mysterious swine flu.

In order to understand the current levels of havoc this simple flu has created let's see the statistics. The latest figures has been imported from Wikipedia link here.

There has been many statistical analysis floating around but Zisuz Labs LLC has prepared a unusual one which can be seen here.

Please find our reports on current ensuing pandemic which is continuing as usual in Year 2021.

A Brief note on our methodology to categorize the data is available on public domain and numerous websites including Google And Wikipedia.

Zisuz Labs were not satisfied with how the websites often projected their data, which might be quite cumbersome or in-apprehensible, to many outside the doctor or management fraternity. No offense but the brightest and most vocal have failed miserably and epically to a simple swine flu which world has ever seen before.

Zisuz Labs LLC will not leave, any leaf unturned, whether, demarcating lines of what is possible or what is impossible. So here we are helping our bright doctors and scientists along with rest of world to look at a perspective no one in COVID-19 response team has shown you before including Dr Tedros.

First we take a list of Covid 19 mortality by region and sort it in ascending order with respect to fatalities (Rnaught, its a virus; Comeon! what you'd expect?) from swine flu.

Under 10, Under 100, Under 1000, Under 10000, Cat 2, Cat 3 and Next Level.

Second we compartmentalised the data imported from our well known and obvious source – Wikipedia.

Questions may arise – why compartmentalize data, when we have a list of datapoints viz mortality, number of cases and cases recovered? The answer is anomaly in data related to COVID-19 related complications in countries like Iran and Indonesia which through common wisdom should have less swine flu cases than Wuhan or PRChina.  

China with 86000 cases have only 700o+ deaths till as of 27th December. If you look at the mercaptile picture of the world, you will realise a common pattern, from Wuhan to New York, with an exception of Brazil, which is an outlier.

Many things are susceptible and common to Brazil and China in reecnt past with major corporations brazenly put uninterrupted fire on rainforests  while Paris was  negotiated. Yet China had extemely less cases than that of Pakistan (supposedly Islamic State) and India (mostly vegetarian and eggetarian with still large population on pork diet). Unreasonable!  Australia and New Zealand have fewer cases.

So there isn't any single pattern or feature which would make this swine flu, around the world, consistent, yet without grasp, from many scientists and doctors within most medically advanced countries including China.

So we made a distinction to compartmentalize the data along specific numbers and the world will soon realize the, insight.  For now from latest data collated Zisuz Labs LLC has categorized it into

Under 10,

Under 100,

Under 1000,  

Under 2000,

Under 10000,

Cat 2,

Cat 3

Next Level.

(please attribute Zisuz Labs LLC ©, if you are using this analytical analysis reasoning)

Because we are at forefront of cutting edge research and technology.

Do you want to see how these levels look like. We used a simple tool  which reminds us, an infamous slogan – Bend The Curve.

Zisuz Labs LLC used a different tool called Bell Curve. Very simple yet very uncommon, till revealation. Only on www.zisuz.com.

Find out in which compartment Australia is with regards to fatalities in SARS Flu and what position PRChina holds in this natural world wide war on pandemics.

Brunei, Monaco, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Turks and Caicos Islands, Northern Cyprus, Gibraltar, Barbados, Papua New Guinea, Comoros, Taiwan (Of Importance), Bermuda, Mauritius.

Under 10

Zisuz Labs LLC have pledged to save as many lives, as much possible; however long,  pandemic ensues. If you liked our research and want to save your region or people from mysterious deaths Contact Us at below mentioned email. We will save you as Kerala. Countries interested, drop us an email.

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Under 100

Under 1000
Under 2000
Under 10000
Cat 2
Cat 3
Next Level

Here is, complete data, at your perusal


PS: Please use attribution before making similar graphs or records or patent pending COVID-19 recon methodology. Or if you want to patronize the analysis

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