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Access to patent pending DLT and IoT capabilities

The ReTree Forests (RTF) uses exclusive data sources and modeling capabilities in a cloud platform to help cities measure emission sources, run mitigation, and build strategies to reduce emissions — creating a foundation for afforestation.

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Core Insights

Vehicular Emissions

Estimated emissions of all wheels that emerge within the city boundary based on aggregated, anonymized transportation sales data.

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Afforestation Measures

Estimated land and capital accrued from afforestation measures in the city council, based on 5G Cloud IoT Core data.

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Solar Tree Potential

Estimated production of solar stations in metropolitan capital cities, based on traffic size, capital costs, electric drive maturity, and patented patterns.

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New Insights

Tree Canopy

Planning drive in select pilot countries: Hyperlocal, city-by-city, afforestation measure data from mapping tree canopy with 5G IoT sensors.

Green Blockchain

Advanced geospatial modeling and analytics to measure the largest emissions and consensus building using distributed ledger technology

Publicly available forests insights

View public data from 170 countries in our database of thousands of cities.

Case studies





Look how Dubai metropolis can leverage Re-Tree Forest's DLT and 5G mesh tool to bring the power of trees to communities and locals across the world metropolises, adding greenery to public spaces and bringing cooler temperatures to its neighborhoods.

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